Bad Deals Block Stanton

Prefers Miami over St. Louis.
With better player evaluation, Cards could have afforded slugger.

Want to know one reason Joe just rags on President Moe? With some common sense spending and halfway decent player evaluation, President Moe and the Cardinals could have easily afforded Giancarlo Stanton.

Last year the Cardinals (read: President Moe) went out and made two dubious signings. First was for a center fielder they didn’t need with a bum wheel who had a career year in a contract year, Dexter Fowler. Yes, it’s a bit too early to deem Fowler a failure but there is no doubt the Cardinals have a better record without Fowler.

The Cardinals (read: President Moe) also went out and threw boatloads of DeWitt loot at marginal reliever Brett “Tatman” Cecil.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

Stanton’s salary for 2018 is $25,000,000, per It doesn’t really go up that significantly in future seasons.

Fowler’s salary for 2018 is $16,500,000.

Cecil’s salary for 2018 is $7,750,000.

Add Fowler and Cecil’s salary for 2018 and it comes up to $24,250,000.

In other words, $750,000 shy of Stanton’s contract.

You see how valuable player evaluation is? The Cardinals already had two major league ready center fielders in the organization, Tommy Pham and Maggy Sierra. Sure, Windmill Grichuk, who President Moe lusts over, could have still stayed in center.

So if President Moe whines about how the team can’t afford Stanton, Mr. Bowtie needs only look in the mirror to find the culprit.

Hat tip: John D.