Beginning Of The End

Soon should be gone.
Soon should be gone.

Nothing the Redbirds have done at home the past two months suggests to Joe they will be in the wild card game next barring a total collapse of the Giants (which would not be a shock).

After a sickening loss last night to the Reds which was all but set up by Mike Matheny, Jeff Gordon of the Post-Dispatch believes Cardinals fans will be seeing the last of a few faces this week.

The Cardinals play in a pitching-friendly ballpark, so they should redesign their team accordingly. They need more pitching! And on the offensive side, that means assembling an offense that can manufacture runs and build big innings.

As currently constructed, they have too many poor-contact, great-power batters. Moss, who was hitting .227 with 27 homers entering Monday’s game, is the prototype.

Bingo, one-trick pony Moss should be waived goodbye though this will make one of Gordon’s colleagues at the Post moribund.

Joe isn’t so sure about needing pitching looking at what the team has coming back next year. But this team has way too many bench players playing full-time roles. First base, in particular, needs to be solved and the answer is not Matt Adams. He’s another example of a good pinch-hitter, decent bench player trying to play full-time.

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