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It's 2017!
It’s 2017!

It just keeps getting worse.

It’s bad enough that President Moe can’t judge talent or is too stubborn or has his pet players (much less manager). It also appears that President Moe is behind the times.

The reason why President Moe doesn’t execute transactions too often and is staid if not conservative? Times have passed him by, claims Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a chat on the newspaper’s website today.

“Jack:” I see the Cards as pragmatic, conservative, risk averse, and afraid of making mistakes when it comes to trades….They over value their prospects, are rental averse (which is stupid when the cost is minimal). They have to change their business model to compete with the big boys (Dodgers, Nats and Cubs aint going anywhere for next 2-3 years), your take?

Derrick Goold: Been trying to write that for several years now. The market has moved ahead.

So there you go. Joe just doesn’t get how President Moe virtually gets a pass. Aside from developing pitching, which President Moe had done well, at just about every other element of his job he’s been a failure.

Yet he gets promoted.

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