Bullpen No. 8

Drag on the bullpen.
Drag on the bullpen.

Last year the Cardinals bullpen was OK. Not as good as it had been before.

But Buster Olney of BSPN still thinks the bullpen of the Redbirds is top shelf. So much so he ranked the Cardinals bullpen at No. 8 in baseball.

Seung Hwan Oh was a star in his first season with the Cardinals, and he’s positioned at the back end of a group that also includes left-hander Kevin Siegrist and right-hander Jonathan Broxton. Given the uncertainty about Trevor Rosenthal and the need for a left-hander, the Cardinals spent $30.5 million to sign Brett Cecil.

X-factor for the Cardinals’ bullpen: Rosenthal. He lost the closer’s job last season in the midst of a year in which he walked 29 in 40 1/3 innings and had a precipitous decline in the percentage of opposing hitter swings on pitches outside the strike zone. Given his extensive track record, his performance will dictate how significant a role he’ll assume this season. The Cardinals will bet on him, if they can.

Well, the bullpen last year might have been better if Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny didn’t have the OCD habit of running Buffet Broxton out to the mound damn near every night. This guy stinks! And just what kind of a manager keeps calling the same guy’s number only to watch him get torched just about every night until the manager figures out that just maybe, Buffet throwing batting practice might just be the norm and not the exception?

Joe still thinks the Cardinals are going to miss Seth Maness.

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