Cardinals 12, Reds 5

Bulldogged his way through for a critical win.
Bulldogged his way through for a critical win.

Now this looked like a playoff team.

Offense, defense, big hits when needed, long balls, pitching. What more do you want. Where has this been since, oh, early August?

Joe’s not going to go saccharine sweet on Al Diaz’s grand slam. If he had struck out, would every hack sportswriter claim he did it for Jose Fernandez? Let’s be a little original here and not force dot connecting where there are no dots.

Even Jhonny Peralta got into the act. Adam Wainwright gutted through over five innings — lot of pitches and he wasn’t sharp — and the bullpen locked down the Reds.

Now, this looked like a team trying to get to a wild card. A fluke or a vision of the next five games?

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