Cardinals 3, Rockies 2

Memorable first game.
Memorable first game.

Not a bad way for the kid to end his first major league game, eh?

Now Joe is not one to get syrupy, and frankly, Cardinals fans predictably showed themselves in Harrison Bader’s first at-bat when he ran out a ground ball, even though he was out. And it sparked a standing ovation! Why? That’s what players are supposed to do!

Typing St. Louis, a white guy “hustles” and fans fall all over themselves, never mind the negative result.

(Maggy Sierra would have beat out that play.)

Well, Bader gave fans a reason to have an authentic cheer later in the game. Bader gets his first hit of his career, a double on a liner to left, advanced to third on a bunt (Whiteyball!) and scored on a Jedd Gyorko sacrifice to right.

Cards win, and Bader was the winning run in the bottom of the nine. He grandkids will talk about that long after he is gone. Good stuff.

Now that is a reason to cheer, not just because a white dude ran down the line. C’mon!

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