Cardinals 7, Pirates 0

Leaving (?) with a noise.
Leaving (?) with a shot.

At this point, all the Cardinals can do is win and hope for the best.

So tonight, their big guns came to play as the Redbirds keep their wild card hopes alive. Baby Pedro was outstanding. Jedd Gyorko was strong. And then there was some Hollywood from Matt Holliday.

No one knows for certain if Holliday will return. What is known is the Cardinals are unlikely to pick up his obscene $17 million option. Whether Holliday returns at a much more cheaper rate or whether the team even wants him back in unknown.

What is known is Holliay, if this is one of his last games with the Cardinals, went out with bang — a homer to right field to be exact.

Joe will have more to write about this tomorrow. But for now, Holliday appears to be making an exit from St. Louis few will forget.

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