Cards Would “Welcome” Grichuk Trade

Someone, anyone, please call.
Someone, anyone, please call.

So it seems the Cardinals and President Moe are OK with shipping Windmill Grichuk out of town?

Earlier this week, Jenifer Langosch of made her weekly appearance to talk all things Cardinals on the “Bernie Miklasz Show.” She was about trade possibilities and offered that the Cardinals “would welcome” a team to take Grichuk off their hands.

Langosch also noted the Cardinals seem to get teased each time they give Windmill another chance. And, as always, he’s brought up from the minors, hits like a house on fire for a week, maybe 10 games, and then resumes his typical Windmill ways.

Joe just hopes some team, any team, is conned teased as well.

One thought on “Cards Would “Welcome” Grichuk Trade

  1. I attended the game with my grandson Thursday. We sat in row 5 behind the green seats behind home plate for $40.00 per ticket on StubHub. (Not quite face value)

    He wanted Dippin Dots. He wanted hot dogs, etc.

    I always made him wait until the Windmills were up.


    He asked why.

    I told him, “Because nothing will happen”

    Final score D’Backs 4, Windmills 0

    Oh, and JD Martinez with the slam. I’m really pleased President Moe showed interest in Martinez. It’s a shame the Tigers didn’t place the same “value” on Mike Mayers as the Cardinals did – or Martinez would be wearing the Birds on the Bat!

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