Change Not A Bad Thing

Overrated or wronged?
Overrated or wronged?

Not making the playoffs, boasting a horribly inconsistent if not overrated second baseman and hanging onto a subpar third baseman on the wrong side of 30 may be good enough for some.

It’s not good enough for Joe. But this is the difference between Joe and J.J. Bailey of

Bailey seems to be drinking the Kool-Aid the Cardinals offer out at pressers, that joltin’ Kolton Wong is the modern day Joe Morgan with the glove and will soon hit like Ryne Sandberg. Just be patient.

That is essentially what Bailey wrote when he typed Cardinals fans should be happy with the current makeup of the infield, led by Wong and Jhonny Peralta and that change just for the sake of change is not good. Bailey goes to bat for Wong.

He’s only 26, though. A breakout performance in 2017 is a very real possibility as long as consistent playing time is as well. Unlike similar prospects on other teams, Wong has had little freedom to fail. The Cardinals appear to be ready to lessen the stress.

Well, some will argue that Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny has ruined Wong because he jerked Wong in and out of the lineup. Joe is of the mind that Matheny gave Wong ample rope to hang himself with.

Wong has played in no less than 113 games each of the past three seasons. That’s hardly “little freedom to fail” as Bailey wrote.

Look, Wong is entering his fourth season (allegedly) as the full-time, starting second baseman. If he can’t get the job done after this season, well, if four years isn’t enough evidence, what would be, five… six… seven years?

It seems apparent to Joe had Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak not signed Wong to that reckless and obscene contract last spring, Wong wouldn’t be on the roster right now. No team is going to pick up that crazy contract.

Sure, Wong’s glove is good, but good enough to overcome such a weak and inconsistent bat?

Bailey is correct: You don’t change just to change. Rather, you change to upgrade. Right now, second base and third base are in need of an upgrade if the Cardinals are serious about making a run at a World Series, and not just settle for contending for a final wild card spot in the throes of September.

One thought on “Change Not A Bad Thing

  1. Ah, but joltin’ Kolten is under “team control” for the near and far term.

    That’s all Moe needs to justify his long winter nap.

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