Eating Their Own

Gets a free pass.
Gets a free pass.

It’s about damned time.

Now even though Joe has been away from the St. Louis area for some 20 years, he still has a couple of acquaintances in the St. Louis media, but not many.

Bernie Miklasz is one of the few left. Joe and Bernie go back a long way. Bernie is a straight shooter. In recent months, Joe may be off base, but Bernie tends to be distracted by Mike Matheny’s gaffes to notice that the guy responsible for building the roster has been making just as many mistakes as the Cardinals skipper.

The rest of the St. Louis sports media, from what Joe can tell, drinks the Kool-Aid poured daily by President Moe. Some are just outright mouthpieces.

Hey, Joe knows how the game works. You have a high-placed suit feeding you a steady diet of background information, you are less likely to bite the hand that feeds you. Been there, done that.

It seems Jose de Jesus Ortiz is not among the President Moe ostriches.

In fact, Ortiz called out his own. Yes, really! In a recent chat, Ortiz had the nads to wag a very public finger at his own colleagues.

The Cardinals weren’t interested in Edwin [Encarnacion]. Despite the revisionist history around town, it was a lonely place last offseason when I kept pounding the drums for Encarnacion. Unfortunately, this is one of the few towns in America where folks literally applaud an owner’s fiscal responsibility. Most fan bases and media, especially in major cities, don’t care about an owner’s profits.

Now this is not the way for Ortiz to win a popularity contest with his journalistic brethren. Joe knows this from personal experience. Joe, too, once was an ink-stained wretch and by a combination of luck, common sense and good timing, went to the interwebs with a fellow reporter and got lucky and now owns one of the more popular independent NFL team-specific websites in the country. Yes, really.

(This is also why you are seeing fewer posts these days. August is hell for NFL writers with training camp.)

Joe knows of no general manager who has been complicit in the demise of a great franchise like President Moe has been with the Cardinals. President Moe has been given such a free pass by the fourth estate. Hell, even in a place like Tampa President Moe would be ridiculed. Forget Chicago, Boston, New York or Philly.

In St. Louis? Nope. All good. Instead, let’s go after a future Hall of Fame catcher for venting frustration. Joe even read last winter a St. Louis scribe enthusiastically lobby for President Moe to get a promotion… and a raise (!) to keep in line with Theo Epstein.

Let’s just be honest here folks, President Moe is to Theo Epstein what Lovie Smith is to Bill Belicheat.

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