Fowler Has Hurt Cardinals

So far, so bad.
So far, so bad.

It is so easy to pile on a guy added to the team at a high cost who has thus far greatly lived down to expectations.

That would be Willie Mays Dexter Fowler. Why the Cardinals decided to throw wads of cash at Fowler when they already had two center field-ready players in the organization says a lot of things. Can’t rewrite history.

(Oh, and any time you sign a guy for something — in Fowler’s case to bond the clubhouse — you are getting into trouble. And per reports, the Cardinals clubhouse is still fractured.)

Fowler has been terrible at the plate. So much, that he was pulled from leading off, where the Cardinals had hoped to bat him since he was signed. But per Brian Reiff of BSPN, Fowler has been an albatross in the outfield.

The Cardinals have been one of the best defensive teams over the past two months, in large part due to the additions of shortstop Paul DeJong and outfielder Tommy Pham to the everyday lineup. Aledmys Diaz and Dexter Fowler have been the two biggest defensive liabilities for the Cardinals this season, and the defensive production that DeJong and Pham have provided in their place has vaulted the Cardinals into the top tier.

So let’s get this straight: Fowler has thus far been a failure on offense, a failure on defense, and he has failed to mend the tension in the team clubhouse. All for the paltry sum of $82,500,000.

Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

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