Gutting The Roster

Look for new home?
Look for new home?

So what do the Cardinals do?

It is likely the season ends in two days. Then what? Surely the Redbirds cannot enter the 2017 season with a similar roster and expect to contend.

It seems Jose de Jesus Ortiz is of the mind that the Cardinals should Hiroshima the roster. Gut it of any position player with more than four or five years service with one exception.

But as the Cardinals crawl to the finish of the 2016 season while the Cubs run away with the best record in baseball, one must wonder if it’s time to blow up the aging roster this offseason and perhaps even take another step back with a younger, cheaper roster next season to fortify the team in 2018 and beyond. …

Molina, arguably the Cardinals’ second-half MVP, is the only veteran who deserves to return. Manager Mike Matheny still refers to Adam Wainwright as an ace, but the highly respected former ace will tell you he set a standard much higher than what he has delivered this season.

Joe wouldn’t be opposed to that, but thinking Jedd Gyorko certainly deserves to be back. Matt Holliday? Been a great career, but you’re better off elsewhere, even at a discounted rate.

The thing here is it seems Ortiz also wants to ship out Matt Carpenter. Not sure Joe would do that.

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