Hacking Penalty Overblown

Sentences Cardinals.
Sentences Cardinals.

To listen to the chattering crowd and those that place value of team control of garbage players over actual production on the field, the Cardinals were “hammered” by MLB for the hacking scandal.


The Cardinals had two first round picks taken away from this summer’s draft and awarded to the Astros.

Always remember and never forget: draft picks are not proven players. They are prospects. Sure, they could become superstars and they just as easily can become slugs.

Take joltin’ Kolton Wong. About the only thing one could say positively about Wong is that he is a former first round pick. He’s also one of the worst second basemen in baseball.

Just a quick look at past first round picks, how does Rob Kaminsky grab you? Or Steve Bean? Or Patrick Wisdom, to name a few?

A first round pick does not mean the guy will ever reach the majors much less do anything in the bigs.

A savvy general manager, with the support, both financial and personal, of the owner, can go out and buy two productive players to make up for these two missing draft picks and won’t have to wait five years for anything back on their investments.

The key question is, will general manager John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt be willing to break out a wallet that has recently with loaded with cable TV cash?

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