Has Wong Turned Corner?

Strong July.
Strong July.

Are we watching a player transform before our very eyes?

Joe has been very down on joltin’ Kolten Wong the past couple of seasons. Just got tired of all the ups and downs, the Little League mistakes and all the drama.

If the Cardinals had traded him this season, if they were lucky enough to find a sap to pick up that obscene contract of his, Joe was all for it.

Since Wong returned from the disabled list July 10, he has been on a tear. He’s currently hitting .298 after another solid game last night.

In fact, in the first two games of the just-completed Rockies series, Joe saw Wong make more strong defensive plays, especially back and to his left, than Joe has maybe ever seen Wong make.

It is almost starting Joe to believe that maybe, just maybe, Wong has turned the corner from a young, erratic ballplayer into a steady, confident hitter and fielder.

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