Is The Price Too High

Interest, but what about action?
Interest, but what about action?

If there is one hitter in the National League Joe would like to see come to St. Louis as the trade deadline nears, it appears the Clark Street crowd is also interested in.

However, interest and pulling the trigger are two different things. Per Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the suits on Clark Street have, in the past, coveted San Diego first baseman Wil Myers.

But as Goold types, can Meyers be had at the right price?

AustinTX: I still like Wil Myers, perfect Cardinal.

Derrick Goold: An intriguing fit for sure. Costly with his contract — and I mean prospect costly. But worth a call, and someone that the Cardinals have certainly explored internal discussions about how he’d fit. All that keeps him from being that obvious target is how long his contract is, how much control costs, and how that still makes him a fit for the meandering Padres.

The trick, however, is what to do with Matt Carpenter. As always. Look, Joe is starting to warm to Carpenter due to the words of no less an authority than Whitey Herzog.

Carpenter really has no fit anywhere on the field, short of first base. Meyers is a better hitter. So that means Carpenter would have to be moved, but where?

Joe still is under the belief that Carpenter, even if he is a good hitter, is a road block for the Cardinals both on the basepaths and defensively. Carpenter sucks as a leadoff man, but he mopes when he is moved out of the leadoff spot and his stats sink (and stink).

If Carpenter was a sure fire Hall of Famer, yeah, you build your roster around him. He’s not that good.

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