Jedd Gyorko And Third Base

Should start at 3B.
Should start at 3B.

To Joe, the issue at third base is easy to solve: Start Jedd Gyorko.

It is mind-boggling to Joe that a guy who hit 30 homers is not considered a lock to start somewhere, anywhere. Personally, Joe would have moved Gyorko to first base and kept Matt Carpenter and third and told over-the-hill Jhonny Peralta to sit in the dugout and mope if he didn’t like it.

However, per Brian Stull of, not even Gyorko is banking on 30 homers this year.

“I’ve said every year, I don’t really set statistical goals,” he explained. “A lot of things can change in a season–you’re not even sure how many times you’re going to bat and stuff like that. It’s hard to set those expectations for something like that. All I do is just try to prepare myself and help the team win.”

For a team that is crying out for power, this should be a no-brainer. Peralta has hit 20 homers only twice this decade. Gyorko has hit 20+ homers twice the past for seasons.

Until or unless Peralta, 34, demonstrates that he is not declining with age, the answer at third base is crystal clear: Gyorko.

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