Just Hit!

No longer "Big City?"
No longer “Big City?”

Joe was hoping to turn the page on Matt Adams and the Cardinals when, alas, the Cardinals couldn’t find a trade suitor in the offseason.

So the Cardinals have Matt Adams for at least another spring training. Apparently, Adams has gone on a weight-loss kick and was even featured in a workout magazine. Oh, goody. Writing about how great of shape a guy is in during spring training is lazy reporting when a writer is late for a tee time. It means nothing!

Joe doesn’t give a damn if a guy has two percent body fat or has a gut like Bartolo Colon. Hit the stinking ball!

Yeah, the weight loss may help with Adams’ footwork at first, and to be fair he’s a pretty solid first baseman for being a big guy. Like just about any major leaguer not named “Pete Kozma,” if one cannot hit to some degree, you are not in the major leagues for long.

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