Key To Infield: Diaz

Could he turn team's fortunes?
Could he turn team’s fortunes?

Last year the Cardinals were not playing good defense when Al Diaz busted up his thumb against the Marlins.

When Diaz went out of the lineup, the team fell apart.

So armed with that information, it seems if the Cardinals have an above-average infield, both offensively and defensively, it may rest on the shoulders of Diaz, now entering his second season in the bigs, types Mark Saxton of BSPN.

That leaves shortstop Aledmys Diaz as the hinge to the whole plan. If he improves as a shortstop, the Cardinals should be fine. If he doesn’t, they could once again be playing catch-up all too often in a division topped by a Chicago Cubs team that led baseball in most key fielding measures.

Not just fielding but hitting. Last year it seemed Diaz was on his way to Rookie of the Year before he got hurt. The Cards need his bat equally as much as they need his glove to improve.

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