Kolten Wong’s Bum Shoulder

Bum wing.
Bum wing.

When Joe read the missive from Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he did a facepalm.

So joltin’ Kolten Wong has a bum throwing shoulder which started when he played left field late last season in Wrigley Field. Amazing.

Wong didn’t deny he might need surgery. As a precaution, the Cardinals, per Goold, have him on sort of an infielder’s version of a pitch count. He can only throw so much in practice.

It’s easy if not accurate to lay this at the feet of Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. Why exactly was Wong playing left? Because Matheny just had to use a different lineup virtually every game the last two months of the season instead of designating a full-time left fielder after Matt Holliday was injured — and had the gall to whine about this practice earlier this spring. Well, who the hell made up the lineup, Mike?

This is what happens when Matheny took a page from the Tony La Russa book of “Any-Infielder-Can-Play-Outfield.”

Tommy Pham should have been the full-time left fielder, period. Wong, who hadn’t played outfield as a professional prior to last season, had no business in left.

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