Let The Excuses Begin

Cards already have surrendered the division.

You know, it is really friggin’ sad when a team basically waves a white flag before spring training has begun.

But, that is the Cardinals under the leadership of John Mozeliak in the past two seasons, including the yet-to-be-played 2017 campaign.

Buster Olney of BSPN sees the handwriting on the wall. And he suggests if members of the Cardinals were truthful, they know they have zero chance of catching the Cubs barring the unthinkable.

They need equalizing injuries to hit the Cubs in order to have a chance to catch Chicago in the NL Central.

Of course, this didn’t have to be if Mozeliak was aggressive this offseason. When the best pickup is an OK center fielder and it seems the main reason Dexter Fowler was signed was to move Windmill Grichuk to left field, what more is there to say?

Never mind the seemingly ill-suited notion of moving Matt Carpenter to first base instead of getting a slugger to play either third or first.

After all, why should Mozeliak be aggressive in the offseason when the club will likely sell out most of the games this season. It’s not like St. Louis sports fans have an NFL team any longer. The Cardinals have a monopoly on that town more so than maybe ever and the front office knows it.

One thought on “Let The Excuses Begin

  1. Amazing that Moe didn’t learn Windmill isn’t an everyday player last year – when Windmill showed him he’s not an everyday player.

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