Miles To Go For Next Division Title

Exhibit-A in losing ways.
Exhibit-A in losing ways.

The Cardinals have no first baseman to speak of. They have no left-fielder.

The cheap tactic that the team seems to want to employ is to move a flawed center fielder to left field by adding a center fielder. This just shuffles the sh!t. Doesn’t solve a problem.

Looking at the current lineup depresses and maybe outrages J.J. Bailey of He is of the mind the Cardinals just may have overachieved this season the roster is so devoid of talent required to make a deep postseason run much less win a division title.

By any measure, the Cardinals have miles to go before the division title is a real race again. Their best defensive player spent most of the season in playing-time purgatory. Their best hitter doesn’t really have a position. They’re absent a defensive center fielder and their rotation is currently frontlined by Carlos Martinez and rookie Alex Reyes, with a lot of question marks behind them. They can crush dingers but leave more than six runners on base per game (6.87, ranked 22nd) and more than three runners in scoring position per game (3.27, ranked 11th).

That’s what happens when you play Home Run Derby and not baseball (hello Bernie Miklasz; hello Derrick Goold). This is why selfish one-trick pony Brandon Moss is so awful and rarely plays for a winner. Swing for the fences (since it was a contract year) and to hell with moving runners over or just trying to get on base with a single or even a damned walk.

This is also why this roster needs to be gutted. Sure, Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak crafted a deep squad. Too many of them were bench players and not starters.

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