Missing The Playoffs (A Series)

Rotation meltdown critical.
Rotation meltdown critical.

So Joe has something to write about through the offseason (yes, if the Cardinals are not in the playoffs, it is the offseason), Joe has to milk things out here.

Bernie Miklasz of 101Sports.com posted 25 reasons why the Cardinals failed to make the playoffs. Joe will break down each element of Bernie’s each weekday for the remainder of the month.

7. The Cards’ rotation slumped after the All-Star break.

This is more like it. When it seemed Adam Wainwright got over his early-season hiccups, he faltered. As did Mike (Take A) Leake as did Jaime Garcia. Then Michael Wacha blew out his shoulder. When four of your five starters go south at the most critical time of the season (August and September), of course your team will suffer.

This more than anything, is likely why the Cardinals watched the postseason from their couches. The cavalry was called (Al Reyes and Luke Weaver) but it was a bit too late. They damned near saved the day.

If, say, two of the aforementioned four pitchers stayed healthy or pitched close to what they did in 2015, the Cardinals would have at least played in the wild card game.

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