Mozeliak Is Not Theo

No Theo Epstein.
No Theo Epstein.

Weird question that got sent the way of Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that got Joe’s blood boiling,

It had nothing to do with the answer Goold gave, but a question: A reader to Goold’s chat asked if Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak should receive a promotion to be “on a par” with Chicago sage Theo Epstein.

Oh, please.

First, shouldn’t one warrant a promotion? You generally do not promote a person with the hopes he can live up to a higher standard, he should earn it. What, exactly has Mozeliak done the past four years or so to put him on the same pedestal as Esptein? Nothing.

The Cardinals have won one World Series with Mozeliak. Not shabby, but Epstein built a team in Boston that won two World Series under his stewardship, then took over the moribund Cubs and built what looks like a dynasty in the making.

Pardon Joe if Mozeliak’s resume doesn’t come quite as close to Epstein’s.

Then, last offseason, Epstein totally snookered Mozeliak by stealing John Lackey from under Mo’s nose. Lackey was instrumental in the Cubs winning the division and later, the World Series. Nice going, Mo.

And let’s not forget Mozeliak, if he wanted to, surely could have pursued Joe Maddon as manager. Maddon for years has waxed about the Cardinals being a dream job as the Redbirds were his team growing up and he always held a soft spot in his heart. Didn’t hurt that Maddon also worshiped both Stan Musial and Whitey Herzog.

Instead of being aggressive and grabbing Maddon, Mozeliak was comfortable staying with Mike Matheny. Could it be Mozeliak was intimidated by the cocksure, successful Maddon who is also a darling of the Fourth Estate?

As of this writing, and in the foreseeable future, Mozeliak isn’t on the same baseball level as Epstein and likely never will be.

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