Need Production From Cleanup

No faith.
No faith.

One of the reasons why Joe is not won over by the prospect of the 2017 Cardinals as January nears an end is the last of good power in the middle of the lineup.

Ben Hochman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch points directly at the clean-up position which he rightly states needs an upgrade from someone on the current roster.

Hochman notes that the production from the Cardinals’ clean-up position last year was basically what one would expect from a decent-hitting shortstop.

Hochman also, smartly, believes Stephen Piscotty should be hitting clean-up, unless the Cardinals actually acquire a legitimate power-hitting clean-up hitter. Then, Hochman suggested the “X-factor” is Windmill Grichuk.

Yes, after his second Memphis demotion, Randal returned in mid-August and posted a .881 on-base-plus-slugging percentage through season’s end. Clearly that’s a small sample size, but to give it a little perspective, an .881 OPS for the full season would’ve been good for 13th overall in the National League.

Grichuk Ks often. And doesn’t walk too much. But he’s got some speed and doesn’t ground into too many double plays.

Look, if one has to make an argument for a guy that one of his most enduring qualities as a hitter is that he doesn’t hit into many double plays, then there is no sense in further discussion.

There is a reason why Windmill was demoted twice last year. Trying to bank on him to carry a team is a helluva lot of hope and prayer and a massive smokescreen to shadow how the general manager has thus far failed to get a decent stick in the middle of the lineup.

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