No, This Is The Right Time

He's not the problem!
He’s not the problem!

Perhaps Joe has been out of the Midwest for too long?

Joe grew up in southern Illinois. It will always be Joe’s roots. After moving out of the area, Joe has noticed that the sensibilities there are a whole lot different than other parts of the country. That’s both good and bad.

One would think, especially from a guy who works for a newspaper for a living, a sports columnist would be applauding a fellow who has impeccable credentials and who should be immortalized in Cooperstown some day like Yadier Molina, for taking to Instagram to vent about the mess the Cardinals are.

It only confirms what is obvious.

Look, everyone but Bill DeWitt, President Moe and this math teacher of a puppet of his can see something is wrong with this team. But Molina puts out two, somewhat cryptic messages on Instagram, and he’s the problem?

Good grief!

Benjamin Hochman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch should know better. It seems he’s trying to flip this blown-out-of-proportion social media posting as Molina’s problem.

Hochman claims this is the wrong time for Molina to vent. When is exactly the right time, when the Cardinals are 10 games out? Shoot, anyone with a sober head can see the problems the Cardinals have. Molina, the leader of the team, should be lauded for going public with this, not condemned.

The only people who have a problem with this are the ones doing a lousy job — and getting promoted!

Joe just cannot believe anyone with a journalism degree would have the nerve to blast a guy like Molina for taking to social media. Hochman has to know better. He clearly is aware that when under the boot and watchful gaze of Cardinals media relations officials at the stadium, Molina is muzzled from not toting the company line.

Even now, Molina will likely be fined by the Cardinals, which with all the commotion going on, to do that to a warrior like Molina would be gutless.

Don’t try to twist the story here. The Cardinals are being run into the ground by a combination of DeWitt’s indifference and President Moe’s incompetence. Sure, you can throw Mike Matheny into the mix if you wish, but he’s not picking the players; he’s not the numbskull who couldn’t figure out Tommy Pham and Maggy Sierra belong on the parent club and not Windmill Grichuk or freaking Jhonny Peralta (in Sierra’s case, President Moe still can’t figure it out).

Don’t beat up a player for coming out with the truth.

What would happen if a former member of President Trump’s administration took to Twitter and exposed a scandal? Just how many of Hochman’s colleagues would celebrate with glee that truth is being exposed?

Molina griping on Instagram is no different. And that’s wrong? The hell!

Or maybe, in the Midwest, folks prefer corporate-approved pablum over direct honesty, covert though it may be?

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