“Non Winner”

Does not impress national writer.
Does not impress national writer.

Joe has repeatedly typed how he has been unimpressed with the offseason (thus far) of Cardinals manager John Mozeliak.

It seems, Joe is not the only one. Long-time baseball scribe Jon Heyman of FanRagSports.com also jumped on the bandwagon and wagged a finger at the Cardinals for a lackluster offseason.

Sure, they got a bit better. But somehow I have to think $113.5 million could have been better spent than Fowler and Cecil. The Cardinals were right not to overpay for icon Albert Pujols or Heyward, but they still do better drafting and developing than in free agency.

Exactly! Generally, first base is a position of a power stick. Matt Carpenter, as much Joe loves the guy, is not a power hitter and Joe is unmoved by Mozeliak’s fetish for a center fielder only, it seemed, so he could have an excuse to move Windmill Grichuk to left field.

Third base is still a hole and until or unless joltin’ Kolton Wong proves he is remotely worthy of his obscene, undeserved contract, he will continue to be a drag in the lineup.

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