Pathetic Excuses Disgusting

Apologists quick to excuse.
Apologists are quick to excuse.

By John D

Trade deadlines… winter meetings… they all come and go. But, other than a fresh new suit for the front office, the Cardinals didn’t make any moves.

Michael Girsch was added to the powerhouse Cardinal front office as the new VP-GM, with John Mozeliak ascending to the team’s “Presidency.”

Cardinal fans can be forgiven for thinking the team may have done more to improve its flagging chances.

On the morning airwaves, the apologies were out in full force.

“Wait until the winter meetings!” is the new rallying cry. Wait a minute, weren’t we waiting 4-6 weeks to see “where we are?” Well, where are we?

We’re in EXACTLY the same place (4.5 games back) we were when we were told we’d wait 4-6 weeks to see where we are.

The Cardinals’ front office is filled with Doublespeak.

But, the high honors of apologetics goes to none other than Mr. Miklasz on ESPN radio

A) Colby Rasmus (who was hoped to have anchored center field for years) was a flop here.
B) Oscar Taveras died.
C) Shelby Miller (who was supposed to be a number 1 or 2 starter for years) was traded because Taveras died.
D) The core of Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright all aged or left.
E) The braintrust has replaced none of them. Carlos Martinez is not yet and may never be what Waino and/or Chris Carpenter were for this team.
F) ALL attempts at replacement have failed.

As I ponder this list, I think about the massive salaries being paid to suits like President Mozeliak.

I think of 3.4 million fans. I think of $10 dollar beers and $30.00 parking at Ballpark Pillage.

Hey Bern… draft picks don’t work out all the time. In fact, baseball draft picks NORMALLY don’t work out. Hitting a baseball consistently and squarely is the most difficult task in the world of sports.

Pssssst…. draft picks flop for “other teams” also. But, they somehow recover. Even Dodger draft picks flop sometimes.

The local scribes are going on about “logjams” in the outfield. Yes, yes, logjams of unproductive players. Yes, a logjam that consists of Dexter Fowler, Harrison Bader, Windmill Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty isn’t really a “logjam” at all. Its four really unproductive players. Several of whom are being paid quite well to be unproductive and others who look like they’re destined to join them as unproductive players in the future. Some logjam.

And, really? Going back to Rasmus to cite “bad luck.” Rasmus has RETIRED for God’s sake. That has nothing to do with this year’s team. Just so weak.

It really boils down to this: The post-Jeff Luhnow front office hasn’t been able to draft major league hitters. I’m sure the guys they do draft look good, but they all seem prone to swinging and missing once they face big league pitching. One Windmill after another.

No one could criticize the Cardinals in their drafting and developing of young pitching. This is a good thing.

In fact, cost-controlled young pitching is THE MOST valuable asset in baseball – as Oakland and the White Sox just proved with Sonny Gray and Jose Quintana.

Does it strike anyone as odd that the Cardinals have an abundance of the most valuable commodity in MLB and yet can’t seem to make any trades? You have a stockpile of the most coveted asset in professional sports and somehow, you always seem to have another young arm to sacrifice in Mike Matheny’s bullpen, but none available to trade for a capable middle of the order hitter?

The losses and the excuses keep piling up.

Folks, there is no plan.

Cardinals’ fans have every right to be disgusted – both with the Cardinals’ front office and the softball St. Louis sports media complex.

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