Rank Irresponsibility


If Cardinals fans didn’t know it before the season, let Joe spell it out for you now in August.

President Moe — and indirectly, his keyboard warrior/microphone preaching acolytes in the Gateway City — is a con artist. And the guys claiming to be watchdogs for the public are nothing more than complicit lapdogs.

How many times have we heard President Moe whine about needing a bat in the middle of the order? How many times this summer did President Moe threaten changes?

All empty words, like a chihuahua barking behind a locked door. Teddy Roosevelt bragged about speaking softly but carrying a big stick. President Moe speaks harshly and carries a wet noodle.

So somehow the Mets got Jay Bruce past waivers a few days ago. Then they traded him to a team that is determined to win, not pretending like the Cardinals. That would be the Cleveland Indians.

The cost? A scrub low-Class A pitcher with a losing record and lofty ERA.

In other words, Jay Bruce could have been had for trash.

So where was big talking, always whining Mr. Bowtie? Probably cuddling up to Bill DeWitt in his repeated efforts to thank DeWitt for his undeserved promotion this summer.

Suddenly, every fraud in baseball now wants to work for the Cardinals because they reward loyalty over performance.

This is shameful and Joe has had it with President Moe. Talk, talk, talk, but no do. Always an excuse, rarely an answer. Not that Joe actually expected President Moe to do anything, as he clearly is content with the status quo.

Nope, couldn’t use Jay Bruce when you have the likes of Windmill Grichuk in the outfield to scare opposing pitchers.

President Moe may be one of the most inept suits he has ever seen. Or irresponsible. Maybe both?

3 thoughts on “Rank Irresponsibility

  1. The Cardinals are in the market for any great player that can help them. The only caveat is this player can’t make more than the major league minimum.

  2. “Brett was the one person we thought if we were going to make a splash in the bullpen, he was the one we identified,” Mozeliak said. “There was a lot of demand for him and it was moving.”

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