Reds 15, Cardinals 2

Too predictable.
Too predictable.

If Mike Matheny doesn’t return in 2017, this will be his epitaph.

Needing a win to stay in a tie for the final wild card spot with six precious games left, this dummy decided to start Jaime Garcia, who has done nothing but throw batting practice the past six weeks.

Sure enough, Garcia never lasted two innings. A guy walking around with a white cane could see this coming but the Leader of Men couldn’t? Is this guy serious?

Then Matheny, in an effort to stop the bleeding, brought in sore-shouldered Michael Wacha who got lit up. Just curious, but after surrendering five runs or so, why did Matheny think Wacha could still pitch his way out of the quicksand?

This was one of the dumbest managed games Joe has seen from a Cardinals skipper in a long time. It was almost like Matheny was trying to get fired.

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