Rosie The Key To Rebound?

Healthy arm would be huge for 2017.
Healthy arm would be huge for 2017.

If there is a player who returns to form next season for the Cardinals, which would be the most important?

This question was posed to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a recent Cardinals chat. Goold has three players in mind.

“Mike:” Among players currently on the roster, which 3 “comebacks” would improve Cards’ chances the most? Rosenthal? Wong? Wacha? Leake? M. Gonzales? Peralta?

Derrick Goold: Interesting question. Wong, certainly. Wainwright next, and then I’m going to go with Rosenthal. More people would probably argue Wacha

Joe cannot argue one bit with what Goold wrote and of those three if there was one player who could recapture his best inner-self from years past that would be the key would be Rosie.

How many games did the Cardinals Mike Matheny urinate away by running Rosie out to close a game when he has arm problems? At least three games, easy. There’s your wild card game right there.

Yes, Seung Hwan Oh did an OK job as a closer, but he was more of a setup man. He wasn’t close to being a lockdown closer as Rosie had been in years past.

If Rosie can return to form that makes Oh even better as a set up man which makes the end of the bullpen pretty damned lethal, which of course shortens the game.

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