Someone Beginning To See The Light?

This is the problem.
This is the problem.

It seems a very influential voice in the St. Louis sports media might be catching on.

Again, Joe loves Bernie Miklasz and has the utmost faith and respect in him. In the past few seasons, Bernie has been hellbent on running Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny out of town, to no avail. It seems way too often, Bernie is too quick to lay all the blame on the franchise at the feet of Matheny.

Now Joe isn’t trying to suggest Matheny doesn’t have his faults. To be polite, he regularly plays games with the truth. One thing Joe does like about Matheny is he isn’t a slave to stats. Thank God.

And for Bernie, who is a stats guy, this drives him out of his mind.

But lost in Bernie’s regular tirades about Matheny is that the guy who hired Matheny and the guy responsible for stocking the parent club’s roster — Matheny does not have control of this — is the one guy Bernie way too often gives a total pass to, as if he has zero responsibility for the nosedive of the franchise.

That would be President Moe.

Tonight, Bernie took to Twitter and it seems he just might be catching on that the core problem with the Cardinals is not Matheny, but the bowtie that is calling the shots. President Moe.


Well, if this is the case, go to the source and start calling him out. You know, the guy who said on your show last summer when you (once again) advocated Matheny to be handed a pink slip, you were told by this suit that he would walk the plank before canning Matheny.

The root of the problem with Matheny, and a myriad of other gaffes in the organization, is none other than President Moe. It begins and ends with him and until changes are made to the people responsible for changes, nothing will change.

That is the Cardinals main problem, Bernie, President Moe, not Matheny.

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