Sure Looks Like Sierra Is Trade Bait

On the block?
On the block?

What exactly is Joe missing here?

For Joe, it seems Maggy Sierra has no future with the Cardinals. Frankly, he’s too good.

So Dexter Fowler, you know, the next coming of Willie Mays, is on the disabled list. The Cardinals have a guy in the minors who has proven beyond a doubt he can play in the major leagues, and not just play but produce. Rather than call up Maggy Sierra, the Cardinals call up Harrison Bader, who seems like another Windmill Grichuk, only perhaps with a better glove.

When the Cardinals first called up Sierra, he hit in every game he played in and as a reward, was demoted, which is simply incomprehensible for a team starving for offense. Throw in the fact he was demoted for freaking Jhonny Peralta, who now toils in the minors for Boston, it simply defied logic.

When the Cardinals called Sierra up again, he hit in all but two games he played in. However, the Clark Street crowd made sure word got out that if the Cardinals were looking long-term, Sierra would not have been called up, but instead, Bader.

Again, all Sierra did was produce. Hit, steal, run, play defense, everything you would want in a major league player.

That is, unless you are President Moe.

Oh, and the Cardinals were 9-8 in games Sierra played, if that means anything to you.

So now that the Cardinals really do need a center fielder, what do they do? They bring up a Windmill Grichuk clone, Bader; not Sierra. Oh, and the original Windmill Grichuk, the Cardinals just can’t seem to get rid of. He is easily the fourth-best — or worse — outfielder in the organization. But no, he keeps getting third-, fourth-, fifth-, (sixth-?) chances.

If the Cardinals really believed they have a shot to catch the Brewers, Cubs and Pirates, why not call up a guy who has proven not to be overwhelmed by major league pitching, is wonderful on the basepaths and has a strong glove? Wouldn’t that be an asset? It sure would.

That is, unless you are President Moe.

Throw in the fact Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny harped on Sierra’s hitting, even though he hits, it all adds up to Joe that the Cardinals have no long-term plans for Sierra whatsoever and he is nothing more than a trade chip.

Sorry if Joe believes this is just another wrongheaded move by President Moe in a long line of wrongheaded moves he has made the past 18 months or so.

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