Who Could Carry Redbirds?

Can he carry the club?
Can he carry the club?

As you have likely noticed from the past few weeks, Joe is somewhat down on the Cardinals as we inch closer to pitchers-and-catchers report.

Joe just doesn’t think the Cardinals are strong enough offensively to get the job done, especially if the rotation is shaky.

Well, Buster Olney of BSPN is more bullish on the Cardinals and he believes the Redbirds are one of the better teams in MLB, but with a caveat.

The Cardinals are a sum-of-the-parts team, perhaps lacking that superstar-caliber player who can carry the team with a couple good weeks. Albert Pujols was like that, and so was Matt Holliday at times during his tenure with St. Louis. Perhaps more than any contending team, the Cardinals will have to get a lot of contributions from a lot of parts of their roster.

Well, Stephen Piscotty has show in the past with hot streaks he is a man pitchers should not trifle with. He has the potential of carrying a team. But with the possible exception of Matt Carpenter or Al Diaz, Joe isn’t sure the Cardinals have the firepower around Piscotty or Carpenter or Diaz to allow one of them to carry the squad for a week or two.

It seems the Redbirds, if they succeed this year, must play like a machine meaning many parts have to be clicking in unison.

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